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About us

Production method

  • 1.Procurement

  • 2.Screening Processed dissolve

    placenta (swine), erythritol, powdered Amorphophallus konjac, acid, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharides), flavoring, lactic acid Ca, antifoam (Soybean-derived), sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose)

  • 3.Ultrahigh-pressuretreatment



  • 4.High pressurematuration

    We carried out the matured condition successfully, the high pressure 100Mpa and 24 hours maturing is the same as to keep pressure for 3 years.
    The outstanding feature of our placenta is the brand new manufacturing process which the protein dissolution, ultrahigh-pressure extracted and high pressure maturation in the special hydrolyze kettle. Our placenta is processed atomization and faint-odor very much. It has an ace-high reputation from the ingredients for the cosmetics and food.

  • 5.Manufacturingprocess

  • 6.Filing

  • 7.Analyzing

  • 8.Submission

    食品衛生試験データThe testing and analysis in-house and taking the independent third-party inspection.
    Safety and security of food
    Japan has recently experienced some threats to food safety and reliability. That's why we think the important thing is creating a safe environment for other consumers can have things safety. With the object of consumers' health protection, we are pleased to introduce you to our product which is fulfilling the terms of the safety testing.
    And also we offer the product is confirmed 'No problem' with the food sanitation testing data issued by the independent third-party inspection.

  • Goods were produced. 9.Goods were produced.
    We realize planning and
    developing products to convince professionals.

    Our placenta is processed atomization, faint-odor and appealing planned very much. It has an ace-high reputation from the ingredients.

The manufacture of OEM (private-label product)

Our staff is always available to help you for the manufacture of OEM from small lot size. Please give us your comments and suggestions.
We make our own products and have contracted manufacturing service for specialized placenta OEM. We are producing many kinds of OEM products, drink for beauty, cosmetics, shampoo, body soap and so on. We produce swiftly and flexibly meet the diversified needs of your purposes or concepts, formulation with placenta ingredients.
Placenta, Hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, astaxanthin, resveratrol and others, producing the peculiarities of these beauty ingredients, stronger trait of productions appear.
Our OEM customers are dermatologists, dentists, mail-order companies, cosmetic and supplement and food companies and aesthetic salons.
We support you from manufacturing and sales operations.
Please feel free to inquire.

OEM introduction flow

  • Counseling

    Please consult with us.

  • Proposing product planning

    We propose ideas and designs.

  • Submission samples, formulation

    Submission samples and stability determination

  • Specification & Estimation

    Determined formulation and specification, estimation

  • Testing, application, agreement

    Application in line with Pharmaceutical affairs law

  • Manufacturing and delivery

    Manufacture, filling, inspection, packing, delivery

  • Follow-up

    The pleasure of assisting follow-up and presentation

Corporate profile




Yoshiko Nishio, president






4-6-1 Konan, Minatoku, Tokyo Japan 108-0075










Manufacture of cosmetic, food on a private-label basis.
MTO of OEM, house brand, including manufacture of cosmetic and supplement ingredient and it is containing placenta at home and abroad.
Manufacture and sell ingredient of cosmetics and food for the domestic and international manufactures.

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